Wednesday, August 10, 2011

April, May, June, July

Welcoming the warm, bright summer days after the chilly, gray days of winter, the summer days now seem to be numbered, as soon they will give way to the crisp, colorful days of fall. Despite the heat and humidity of a DC summer, we have been {and continue to be} enjoying the summer days. With moving into a new apartment, busy work schedules, and long weekend trips, life has kept us occupied these last few months. And since I have fallen behind with documenting that life, this post will a little glimpse into those last four months.

Chris' parents came to visit us for a long weekend in early April. It was whirlwind weekend of touring, eat, shopping and visiting. We spent half a day at Arlington Cemetery, where the new spring was in full blossom {despite the need for jacket!}.

In late April, we took a two hour roadtrip north to visit by brother in Carlisle, PA. It's a quaint college town made up of historic buildings, locally-owned restaurants, and scenic spots. Right off of this spot by the river, which was dotted with fishermen, the Appalachian Trail zig-zags through an open {possibly corn} field leading up through large rolling hills.

In April, we also took a quick trip to Philly for a night, where we met up with my brother. We stayed in downtown and spent most of Saturday exploring the area within walking distance, including a stop at the Reading Terminal Market for cheesesteaks, a quick viewing of the Liberty Bell, and long walk up many, many steps to the Art Museum.

{above: view of downtown from the Art Museum}
{below: Chris posing with the famed Rocky statute}

Of course, we also celebrated Easter. After church, we went out to lunch with friends {thankful for friends here when we cannot be with our families}.

May went by in a blur, the highlight being Memorial Day Weekend where we went into DC to watch thousands of motorcycles ride through the Mall and the Memorial Day concert on the Capitol Lawn. We even went to Arlington Cemetery {second year in a row for us to try this, you would think that we would learn!}. This year we actually made it on the trolley to the amphitheater, but after waiting approximately half an hour to enter, we were told that it was at capacity and the crowd could gather at the back on the grassy area. Instantly, everyone herded over the grave stones in hopes of a view of the ceremony {Obama was actually there this year}. We found it very distasteful that the secret service was only allowing people to stand in contained area that was among the graves, so decided to head out of the cemetery.

In June, we moved into a new apartment. We joke that we left the Ritz Carlton for the Holiday Inn; in truth, though, we've settled in now and, although a significantly tighter fit, it isn't that bad. We also went to a U2 concert at M&T Stadium in Baltimore. Despite the warm weather and 80,000 other U-2 followers, it was a great concert!

In July, Chris took a long weekend trip to visit family in Cleveland and then drove to Michigan with his family to attend a shower for his sister and her fiance. I left the next weekend for a quick visit in Longview with my family.

And that brings us to August...